CASIP researchers encourage that more attention to innovative pricing is paid in business education and management training. One means for this is our book Prissättning (Studentlitteratur 2014 – so far only in Swedish). The book is intended for use by instructors in strategy, marketing and management control who want to deepen students’ understanding  of pricing, especially (but far from exclusively) in “new” industries such as IT, telecom, business games, service outsourcing, publicly supported care etc.

Another is a course for Ph.D. candidates to be offered for the first time by Linköping University in November 2013 – spring 2014. It will provide participants with a holistic view of the pricing area, where pricing is placed in a context of business ecology, business models, price models and pricing processes.

Innovative pricing, and the need to consider how pricing should be used strategically, is something which is found in private as well as public and non-profit enterprises. Such price models may be used in inbound, outbound as well as internal pricing – i.e. for buying and selling as well as for transfer pricing. Like the empirical base, the theoretical foundation can also be selected from a variety of schools of thought: strategy and market positioning, ecologies and networks, marketing and business development, management control and costing, price formation from an economics viewpoint, and with possibilities for excursions also towards M&A and prices on companies, law and contracts, etc. Like in the research collaborations we hope for, our doctoral course is open for all of these.