CASIP focuses on relevant research on various aspects of pricing – see Our challenge. We are especially interested in the interrelationships between an organisation’s environment (the business ecology), its business model and the implications this has on price models. In order to realise the potential of modern price models they need to be regarded as strategic tools which cannot be designed and configured in isolation. From this follows that processes where prices are set also have to reflect an awareness of the impact on strategic positioning and long-term competitiveness.

Pricing, especially the price models used, is as important in interacting with up-stream partners in the business ecology or supply chain as with customers. We refer to this as inbound and outbound prices. Most large corporations also rely on elaborate internal transfer pricing systems. Harmony – or deliberate lack of harmony – between inbound, outbound, and internal price models, impacts value creation and sharing, as well as risk-taking and incentives.

This means we see important links between pricing and research in strategy and management control, as well as the more traditional links to marketing and accounting. Collaboration in CASIP should not just interest both academia and practice, but also different functional experts within each.

We therefore extend a broad invitation to enter into research collaboration with CASIP to anyone with curiosity and experience or willingness to experiment with innovative price models. We are currently in the process of applying for funding and developing relationships with various research partners.