Publikationer om prissättning

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Cöster, M, Iveroth, E, Olve, N-G, Petri, C-J and Westelius, A (2019) Strategic and Innovative Pricing – Price Model for a Digital Economy, New York: Routledge

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Petri, C-J (2013) Turning taxi pricing upside-down: How a Swedish taxi company developed and implemented a fixed-price model for travel between any customer-chosen origin and destination. Presented at the 22nd NordicAcademy of Management Conference in Reykjavik

Petri, C-J, Westelius, A., Olve, N-G and Olsson, J. (2012) Price as an integrated part of the business model – exploring the link between business ecologies, strategies and pricing, Presented at the XVII Nordic Workshop on management control in Uppsala

På svenska

Olve, N.-G., Cöster, M., Iveroth, E., Petri, C.-J., and Westelius, A. (2013) Prissättning: Affärsekologier, affärsmodeller, prismodeller (”Pricing: business ecologies, business models, price models” – only available in Swedish) Lund: Studentlitteratur

Olve, N.-G., Westelius, A. and Cöster, M. (2013) Priser ut, in och mellan: Om risktagande, ansvar och prismodeller (”Outbound, inbound and internal prices: about risks, responsibilities and price models”).In Bonnier Ledarskapshandböcker: Ekonomistyrning (8.8). Stockholm: Bonnier

Olve, N.-G., Cöster, M., Petri, C.-J., Iveroth, E. and Westelius, A. (2013) Price models as a strategy tool (In Swedish: Prismodeller som strategisktverktyg). In Bonnier Ledarskapshandböcker: Ekonomistyrning, vol. (3.7). Stockholm: Bonnier

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